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We use only quality, professional TV aerial components.
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Kathrein Quality Aerial Equipment


KATHREIN is Germany's oldest and the worlds largest quality aerial equipment manufacturer. The product range covers terrestrial and satellite equipment for single aerial installations, TV Transposers, CATV Installations to very large scale Cable TV Systems (e.g., the entire city of Munich is interlinked with a KATHREIN Cable TV System).

Most of the South African TV Transmitters are equipped with Transmitter Antennas from the KATHREIN professional antenna division.


KATHREIN manufactures AM, FM and TV Antennas for a wide range of applications. These include special antennas for caravans, ships, transposers and all general TV reception requirements. The AOS and AVK series of high performance antennas are especially suitable for difficult reception areas.

All antennas are

  • made of a high strength aluminium,
  • anodised to protect against corrosion,
  • fitted with a strong, galvanised mast mounting bracket,
  • fitted with a high quality, easy to connect matching transformer (balun),
  • earthed to prevent lighting damage to amplifiers or TV-set through the coaxial cable.


KATHREIN supplies a wide range of amplifiers, frequency translators and modulators together with accessories to suit all requirements. Unlike other products on the SA market, KATHREIN selective broad band amplifiers include protective filters to avoid distortion or complete collapse caused by non broadcast signals (2 way radio, car telephone, etc).

Channelised amplifiers, translators and modulators employ PLL and SAW Filter state of the art technology, improving picture stability and quality and permitting adjacent channel occupation in larger systems.

Line amplifiers in large cable TV Systems are equipped with equalisers, providing balanced signal levels throughout.


KATHREIN and BEDEA coaxial cables are age proof, double screened with the centre coreof solid copper to improve mechanical strength. The maximum impedance tolerance is only 3 % (most cables on the SA market exceed 10%). Splitters and Tap Off's are of the transformer type and fitted in radiation proof enclosures. Poor quality of network equipment can cause standing waves resulting in poor reception and shadows.


KATHREIN manufactures a range of sophisticated test instruments especially designed to analyse and evaluate TV signals off air and in terrestrial and satellite installations. Built in spectrum analysers, printers and RS 232 interfaces are important features. To provide the best possible service, our technical staff is equipped with the latest models.

T V * A E as the Southern African sole distributor of KATHREIN provides full customer service from signal tests, system design, installation and technical back-up service. Our clients will be assured of professional expertise by our experienced technical staff.

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