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In the past a coaxial cable distribution network in a shopping centre or residential development was installed with only one purpose in mind, the reception and distribution of TV signals.

In 1994, with the release of the technical industry guidelines by the European Digital Video Broadcasting working group (DVB) this took a dramatic change. The same or similar high tech modulation technologies as used by digital satellite transmissions can now be used for an increasing number of new, revenue earning services over the same cable networks.


In October 1999 we were able to demonstrate a fully functional system based on these new digital technologies in the Oasis wing of the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. We named the background technology DICE™ for Digital Information, Communication and Entertainment.


TV*AE recently completed a commercial version of DICE™ at Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Umhlanga, near Durban, which is one of the largest shopping centres in the Southern Hemisphere.

Shops and Offices receive:

  • all currently available analogue and digital TV services,
  • some digital commercial services,
  • a high speed 24 hour Internet connection as well as
  • PC networking (LAN, WAN, VPN)
  • . . . and all this over a single cable coaxial network.

Additional revenue earning services are currently in preparation.


Revenue Generation

Depending on the project and the client's requirements, many revenue-earning services will be available over the same network. Besides the traditional analogue and digital TV programs, this can include IP telephony and inter communication, alarm and medic alert systems, access control with monitoring, automated surveillance, gate TV channel (for visitors), pay TV and Video on demand, fast 24 hour internet access, e-mail facility, all in one integrated system.

What is today an overhead can be tomorrow a profit generating system. Why pay separate for outside services and separate trenches, when they can be integrated into the existing cable TV network of San Lameer?

Future Scalability

DICE™ can be seen as a future safe platform to which present and future modules can be added to provide varying complexities of the above-mentioned services. These can include Video or Television based information on TV's, monitors or video walls, including video conferencing and others can send SMS messages to cell phones.

An Intelligent System

For example, it can remember some of your habits such as switching on/off of lights, sprinklers, geysers, and can control and switch all electrical functions in an intelligent home or estate. Services can be connected at any point in the network and distributed to any specific point or throughout the estate.


DICE™ permits access to new technologies by combining many services into one single network. This cuts costs and earns revenues.

In short, DICE will complement and enhance any domestic and commercial development.

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