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Frequently asked questions

Who is TVAE?

TVAE is a private company founded in 1970 by Hans Poeller, an expert in antenna technology, who's roots in this specialized field go back to the late 1958 in Munich, South Germany. The company's head office is in Durban, from where a team of experts provide technical guidance, know how and back up service through our offices, in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Who is Kathrein?

Kathrein with the main factories in Rosenheim, Germany is the largest manufacturer of high quality antenna equipment for FM and TV broadcast, cell phone networks, cable TV and Multimedia systems. The company provides outstanding support and back up service to their fast range of products.

Who is Fagor?

The company is situated in the Bask region in Spain and manufactures modular head end equipment of a high quality standard

What is Euro-line?

Euro line is a range of complimentary equipment from various manufacturers. Before accepting into the product range, every single item is tested and evaluated for quality and reliability. To suit the local climate and conditions some equipment is specially manufactured to our specifications.

What is DICE?

The abbreviation stand for Digital Information, Communication and Entertainment. Based on the fast CATV (Cable Antenna TV) networks in North America and Europe it allows the simultaneous bi directional transmission of data, analogue and digital TV signals over a single cable network.

What is AND?

AND is an advanced interactive CAD (Computer Aided Design) program which we use for our systems designs, especially for housing estates with DICE.

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