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For Residential Estates with a Difference

Once upon a time…

… each house was decorated with a TV aerial, soon followed by a satellite dish. Cost was important and the cheapest equipment was installed. Soon, reception quality was down to the standard of the equipment.

Some learned to live with poor picture quality. Others paid installers again and again for patching up the same installation with the same kind of equipment they had before.

Yet others purchased expensive TV sets only to discover, that now they had a clearer picture of a bad reception.

There have been many unhappy people!

It does not have to be like this!

San Lameer Cable TV projectIn 1974, San Lameer provided a new way of life, the secure village. Not a single aerial or satellite dish can be seen at this beautiful golf course estate, but everyone receives top quality reception through a central system professionally designed and built with quality components designed especially for such an estate.


The benefits are a considerably longer service life with a constant, good reception quality. Such systems are future safe, as they can be upgraded to new and additional services.

In 1994 the European DVB commission published technology guidelines to the international community, which enabled services until than unheard of.

D. I. C. E.

DICE Head Unit

This enabled us to develop DICE, the Digital Information, Communication and Entertainment system.

We invested substantial costs in development and pilot projects including a live demonstration to an Eastern Developer for a Cyber Village and the Mount Nelson project, (a fully functional digital hotel information and entertainment system with true video on demand).

We offer what neither RF nor IT technology alone can provide.

DICE offers

  • all analogue and digital TV services currently available
  • 24 hour Internet access
  • e-mail,
  • integrated TCP/IP home security system monitored on the estates central control centre
  • home automation
  • IP telephony
  • various forms of Video on Demand (or near on demand)
  • PC networking
  • Security system and access control
  • and many other services

In other words, DICE is a high quality, single cable distribution network, on which all these services travel up and down stream.

The first such system in South Africa was completed in October 2001 at the Gateway Shopping Centre in Umhlanga Rocks, where it is used in a commercial environment. The many features, however, make it particular suitable for up market housing estates, of which some are currently in various stages of development.

DICE is designed to be a long-term asset for any up-market housing estate, as the many features will enhance the quality of life for its residents.

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