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Professional cable TV installations throughout South Africa
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Some of our larger systems in South Africa:


  • In operation since 1975.
  • Location KZN Lower South Coast
  • Although not a full DICE system, it deserves a special place, as it was the first secure GolfCourse housing estate in South Africa.
  • Web Site: www.sanlameer.co.za

Gateway Shoppertainment Centre

  • In operation since 2001
  • Location: KZN Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga Rocks
  • Speciality: Full DICE system with all analogue and digital TV channels, commercial channels, designed for further expansion
  • WebSite: www.gatewayworld.co.za

Le Domaine, an up market retirement village

  • In operation since 2003
  • Size:currently about 300 villas and apartments, still growing to eventually about 680 units.
  • Speciality: full DICE system with all currently available digital and analogue TV channels, a large selection of open DSTV channels, IP telephony, remote power management.
  • Web Site: www.ledominevillages.co.za

Midstream Estate, up market estate for secure living

  • In operation since 2003
  • Size currently about 300 homes, fast growing to about 1 600 units.
  • Speciality: full DICE system called the e-Tube, all analogue and digital TV channels, remote power management over the e-Tube with remote monitoring over the Internet.
  • Web Site: www.midstream.co.za
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